What is My Motor Home or RV Worth if I Sell My RV?
Cash for my RV specializes in buying late model motor homes and recreational vehicles. We purchase your Class A, Class B, Class C and Bus Conversion for cash. We buy 2002—and newer model motorized RVs. Let us take the hassle out of selling your RV. Get a cash offer now!

How Can I Sell My RV for Cash so Quickly?
In the 15 years since we’ve been buying Class A, B, and C diesel and gas motor homes. We have established a hearty pipeline of potential buyers. Having the confidence to know that we WILL be able to resell your RV, we offer you cash upfront for its current market value.

Do I Have to Meet with Anyone to Sell My RV?
We can handle the whole transaction via phone and document delivery to your home. All we need is current photos of your RV so we can gauge its condition and resale value.

How Fast Can I Get My Cash When I Sell My RV Through Cash for my RVS!?
We typically can have your payment in hand within 48 hours of you agreeing to sell your RV to us.

What Happens After You Buy RV?
We will arrange to pick it up from you and deliver it to its new buyer or another dealer in our national network. You don’t have lift a finger. We take care of all the logistics and arrange for the transfer.

It’s just that easy. So, what are you waiting for? The cash you could enjoy on other things now that you’re not using your RV is just a phone call away.